Certified e-Learning: OnDemand Training

Accredited, interactive Lean Maintenance skills mastery on your schedule

LAI's e-Learning OnDemand is the training solution for skills mastery that won't bust your company budget or cost personnel valuable travel time. It ensures that high-quality, expert-lead training is delivered consistently throughout your organization to accelerate positive change.

Corporate Training Solutions

We are the only company offering unlimited access to training solutions for company-wide team development.  Now you can consistently train your whole team to become subject matter experts who are able to affect real and permanent change in your organization.

Expose, Educate and Implement

An individual who travels to a workshop can become an advocate for change, but may face an uphill battle when it comes to communicating benefits to co-workers.  Our eLearning has tactical how-tos embedded with new mind sets and behaviors that will inspire change across your entire maintenance team.

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Topics on the Leading Edge of LEAN Maintenance Training

One of several training systems that we offer, our 27-session Work Management eLearning System will quickly open the doors to the transformative skills your team needs to take your maintenance productivity to a world-class level. Some of the topics (with techniques that you'll be able to immediately put to use) include: Backlog Faster learning results from your training investmentManagement, Planning-Job Research, Planning-Kitting Work Package, Scheduling-Best Practices, Work Execution, Work Completion and Work Analysis.

In addition to Work Management, LAI's eLearning Series includes PMOptimization, a customized approach to TPM/Operator Care and Value Stream Mapping for Maintenance.

Fully SCORM and AICC Certified

These training courses are NOT webinars.  They are interactive courseware built to the highest standards by a team of educational specialists using a SCORM and AICC certified training platform. This standards-complient software platform allows  full management team reports on individual participation and testing results and has been named the Best Training Platform for the 6th year in a row by Elearning! Magazine. The SMRP has recognized our courseware as eligible for continuing education credits to maintain your CMRP certification and each participant receives an emailed Certificate of Completion.

e-Learning as a Multi-purpose Training Tool

Companies have widely different reasons for using e-Learning for team development.  Resource constrained companies may need to fix problems, but may not have the resources to bring in consultants.  eLearning is perfect for bringing technicians up to speed on LEAN maintenance techniques that will revolutionize your reliability program.

  • To Reinforce Other Training Events: Once the trainer has left the facility it is very easy to slip back into bad habits.  eLearning is used to reinforce techniques to which technicians are exposed so that core concepts can be incorporated into daily activities.
  • To Provide Depth of Knowledge: The courses provide information and useful tips beyond what can be shared in a workshop environment.  Spread over a multi-course outline, specific topics can be addressed at a level of granularity that is not possible at the workshop level.  This takes your team from familiarity with concepts to subject mastery.
  • As an Ongoing Resource: The individuals on your team will change over time, but if they are all being exposed to a consistent training message, you will ensure program continuity and continuous improvement.
  • The Right Information When it is Needed: While the right workshop might not be available when needed, eLearning is available 24/7 in a user-friendly format where learning results can be documented.

Private Branded e-Learning Courses

We can private brand e-learning for your company, allowing the inclusion of high priority messages and policies.  We’ll work with you to integrate legacy philosophies and materials into your customized e-learning programs. These training programs can fit seamlessly into your existing HR department learning management system. 

LAI’s e-Learning Systems are Your Best Solution

Whether the goal is to build consistency into your training program, create a team of subject matter experts, incorporate leading edge maintenance technologies into your organization, or to private brand a training program to deliver training across multiple facilities, LAI can provide your organization with Maintenance Training for 21st Century Productivity via state-of-the-art e-Learning.

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